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February 15, 2012


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Oh yeah, I did - RANT about Avril Lavigne's song

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 15, 2012, 2:09 PM
Nice people

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A blog I follow just posted a gif from that song by Avril, called 'Girlfriend'. We all remember this, I believe, it was a big hit.

But seriously, both song AND video are so absolutely cruel and egocentric that I can do nothing but roll my eyes when ever I see/hear it.

Avril is bitching. That's pretty much it, she's bawwwing about how she wants a dude who - that's right - already has a girlfriend.
She's his girl. He allowed her to be his girl, therefore, gee, I don't know, MAYBE he loves her! Maybe she's a really sweet and kind girl, why else would he date her?
But no, don't you dare to think that, because Avril knows what the girl is really like.

Let's see a few statements she makes during the song.

    She's like so whatever

What's that supposed to mean? That she's boring?
Well, at least she's not boasting her ego through 50% of the song, while bitching about Avril in other 50%.
No. the girlfriend is so whatever, while Avril is a motherfucking princess, who's so damn precious and is also very convinced that the guy only thinks about her all the time.
Girl, that's… that's a bit egoistic. Way to teach little girls how they have to be when they grow up. Because that's who listened to her music at that time, as far as I remember. Little girls up to the age of… 14, maybe even 15?

    She's so stupid
    What the hell were you thinking?!

In the video, the girlfriend is portrayed as some stereotypical nerd. They go so painfully into the stereotype that it makes me sick.
Also, 'she's so stupid', HOW CHILDISH IS IT TO SAY THAT??
How old was Avril at the time, like 21??

Seriously, all the way through the song, it looks as if Avril and that chick are ex-best friends, and Avril is just straight damn bitch, devouring herself with jealousy. I bet it's not really a song about a boy, it's her, trying to be a bitch and steal her ex-BF's boyfriend. I bet that's the story.
How else would you explain such pathetic childishness on this song.

    So come over here, tell me what I want to hear
    Better yet make your girlfriend disappear
    I don't want to hear you say her name ever again

Basically, the whole song is I want, I want, I want. She doesn't give two shits about anyone else's wishes of well being, she's the center of the universe, she's the most important person, she wants that dude, therefore she will diss the girl she may or may not know.

And the video, it's just plain cruel.
They treat that poor girl, like if she was some kind of a villain. Through the video, Avril picks on her with a bumper car, pulls her out of the photo booth where she wanted to take photos with her boyfriend, who just lets Avril do all that and has photos taken with her instead. Avril also steals their food in the MOST FUCKING ANNOYING AND WANNA-BE KAWAII WAY POSSIBLE, she also hits the gold ball in the girl's head, which, may I say, is very fucking painful, golf balls are heavy and that was a pretty bad blow. The girlfriend proceeds to fall down and stumbles into a pool of water.
Then there's a short scene in which Avril and her punk buddies are being so kool and hardxxcore (aka. bullies) to some non-punk girls in the bathroom. Because we all know that punks want to kill everyone who's not a punk. Also I feel horrid to use word 'punk' and 'Avril' in the same sentence.
Well then, there's a scene in which the girlfriend barely walks, is dizzy, beaten and soaking wet, and what does she see? Yeah, Avril hitting on her boyfriend, AGAIN.
She gets pissed and wants to tackle Avril, but, oh, how hilarious, Avril moves off the way and the girlfriend tackles a toilet booth instead, falling over along with it.

And the worst thing in the whole video is, that the boyfriend does NOTHING to protect his girlfriend.
He doesn't look unhappy when he's with her, then why the fuck does he let other girls treat her like shit?
Seriously, if I was him I would stand up for someone I'm supposed to love, wouldn't you?

Basically, that was attempted to be a short rant that ended up being a review of one of the most horrid and cruel supposed-to-be funny videos I've ever seen.

You know - FOR KIDS!

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Gabalot May 7, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Good thing #2849874983 from being asexual:

But even so, shallow bitch. "HURRDURR, I'M AWESOME, LET'S GO WAIL ON A NERD"
bPAVLICA May 8, 2012  Student General Artist
That's not what asexuality is. At all.

Butyeah, she's about as shallow as they get.
COMPLETELY agree with this; thanks for writing it. I always thought the video was just plain nasty :(. What kind of statement is being made here? Bully those who are different and which don't conform to your monodimensional archetype of coolness. Ironically the guy - a pathetic and awful shit of a boyfriend I should imagine, given the way he constantly smirks at Avril when she does something cruel to his girlfriend - comes across as shallow and undesirable, and Avril and her trendy friends look like the most insipid, innocuous idiots imaginable while I want to root for the girlfriend the entire time. SHE is the one deserving of our support. What did she ever do to provoke Avril's ire? When she gets hit on the head with a golf ball - what? So now it's ok to hurt people who aren't like you? Bullying isn't cool; being a dropout thug isn't cool. Why can't we have positive role models that teach us vital, beautiful qualities like solidarity, community spirit and the importance of friendship? Why does it always have to be identity politics pitting one against the other?

You are a stain on my generation. Fuck off Avril Lavigne. Just fuck off and die. :chainsaw:
Discombobulates Feb 27, 2012   Digital Artist
I've hated Avril ever since I saw a video of her signing CDs for her fans. She ripped them out of their hands, told them "FUCK YOU" and wrote just that on their CDs instead of signing it. TO HER FANS. I probably would've thrown the CD at her head if she did that to me, fucking spoiled bitch. Pardon my french, I really hate her.
bPAVLICA Feb 27, 2012  Student General Artist
Wow, did she really?
Man.. that's just wrong.
Discombobulates Feb 28, 2012   Digital Artist
Not sure if the video link still works

But yeah, legitimately she did. I was thoroughly disgusted at her.
bPAVLICA Feb 28, 2012  Student General Artist
it doesn't work, but i'll look it up on youtube later
I hated that song. The video too. The guy didn't seem to like the "nerd" girl at all, and, like you said, she was painted as the villain and the girl who flirts with guys who have girlfriends is the one who is "good".

And when she hits her with the golf ball.... what is she doing wrong? She's just happy that she got it in the hole and that she's spending time with the person she loves.

And at the very end of the video, after she gets the guy in the bathroom stall (that in itself is...what!?) she opens the door one last time and does this,... I dunno what it's called exactly, but she does something that people usually do in victory. Which kind of suggested to me that she was only after the "chase" and the "game" of it. That the guy was a prize, and stealing him from his girlfriend was like a challenge or a goal she wanted to accomplish, or something.

Sorry this is so long! ^^;
Have you heard of the band/group/whatever called "The Birthday Massacre"? :?
bPAVLICA Feb 19, 2012  Student General Artist
I think he didn't seem like he didn't like her, he seemed pretty happy with her?
And yeah, the who's good, who's bad thing really got messed up in this video/song.

Obviously when people you don't like are happy, they must be punished for it. Doesn't that video just teach us so much?

And yeah, I actually didn't even think about what you just pointed out! e_e
That just makes the whole shit worse.

It's okay, my journal was longer xD
And I haven't, why asking?
Oh, okay. Like, the photo booth part, it seemed like she was begging him to get in there with her and that he wasn't too into the idea? :? I'm not sure! :XD:


It really does. Like she didn't even care about the guy as a person; just as an object. I guess objectification is okay if a girl is doing it to a guy?

I was just curious as to what you thought of them? ^^; I just discovered them a bit ago, and they're kind of "pop" and maybe "punk" (I don't really know the differences between all the styles, sorry! :XD:) kind of like (what) Avril is (trying to do).
Here's a song of theirs that you might like? [link]
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